March 17, 2020 – Facing Fear with Faith

YouTube video sermon

Bethel Family,

Please go to the link below to view my you tube message “facing fear with faith”

I will be providing these along with the weekly printed sermons and bible studies. It is my hope that these regular contacts will help you in your daily spiritual walk and Sunday Morning Worship at home.

It has been  requested the written sermons be sent prior to the weekend. So the order in which you receive them will be flipped. Sermons will come to you on Thursday and Bible Studies on Monday.

Just a word of encouragement. Please remember that social distancing does not mean social isolation. Please take the time at least a couple of times a day to reach out to one another and others in your life with a phone call. Having that one on one time, or even a multiple line call, where you hear another’s voice and share of yourself with them can help bring comfort and peace. We are indeed social beings and staying connected with others is important.

Standing with you all,

Pastor Todd